‘There are real opportunities and openings for the gospel here.’

The possibilities for students reaching students in West Yorkshire has grown significantly recently, with the appointment of a new, additional Staff Worker in the area as a result of your generous giving. Andrea Dalton reports from her first year in the job.

Until this year, there was only one Staff Worker to support and equip Bradford, Huddersfield and the five Leeds’ CUs. This meant that the gospel opportunities on campus were often not matched with enough resources, teaching and training for the CU students on the ground to make the most of. So, starting in 2015, UCCF fundraised for a new, additional Staff Worker post in the region to make the most of these wonderful opportunities.

It is wonderful to see how the provision of an extra person has enabled more CU students to be better trained, discipled and equipped for student evangelism. As a result, students on their campuses have been given more opportunities to hear and respond to the gospel in a meaningful way.

It hasn’t always been easy. Pioneering a new post has been a challenge, especially in the music and art college CUs where numbers are small and they are still working out what mission in their particular context looks like. At Leeds Beckett, the split campus makes it difficult for the small CU to know where to focus their evangelistic efforts and they wrestle with how to break down the particularly high levels of apathy in their university.

However, it has been a joy to see God at work in so many ways this year. God has provided a wonderful team of CU leaders at Leeds Beckett who are enthusiastic, committed to the CU vision and have ambitious freshers’ week plans. Praise God that by having an extra person on the ground, I’ve been able to invest in the CU well and plan strategically alongside them for this coming year.

‘The CU this year has benefited greatly from having its own Staff Worker. We have been able to plan and work more effectively as a CU in our uni due to the work and support of Andrea.’ Dan, Leeds College of Art CU

It has also been a joy to see Huddersfield CU’s prayers and expectations grow. At their recent events week, they hosted four fantastic café events on the theme of Purpose, with many more guests than CU members attending. Through this and first-contact evangelism, around 500 students were reached during that week. One student, Becky, who I met during the event, has read Uncover with me and just last week sent me a message asking if she could accompany me to church. She still wants to find out more, and it all started with the CU.

It’s been abundantly clear time and time again this year that there are real opportunities and openings for the gospel here. So thank you for helping me and the students to be able to make the most of them. It its humbling to see the way God has used His people to fund this position to allow more students to have an opportunity to respond to the gospel in West Yorkshire. From me and the students, thank you!

‘I’ve loved having Andrea around as our Staff Worker. My faith has become stronger from times we’ve read the Bible together and it’s had a really positive effect on the CU as a whole. It’s been great to have someone to give wisdom and who is dedicated to getting the gospel heard as much as possible around uni.’ Tash, Leeds Beckett CU


  • Strong CU members to arrive in West Yorkshire this September, particularly at the music and art colleges.
  • The CUs to grow both numerically and in desire for reaching their campuses.
  • Huddersfield CU to maintain their commitment to excellence in events and year-round friendship evangelism.
  • Leeds Beckett CU to (at least) double in size over the next year.
  • UCCF to seek to create a new Staff Worker post in Essex this year, having identified similar opportunities there.


We want to equip Christian students to be as effective as possible at engaging their fellow students with the gospel.

Over the coming year we will be seeking to create one or two new Staff Worker posts in key places. To do this, we will need additional income so we can grow our financial support for these posts, while not diminishing support for existing ministry.

Could you give to support UCCF’s general ministry at the start of this academic year, in light of these plans for growth?