Financial Report

The vast majority of our expenditure goes towards our charitable objectives – to make it possible for students to hear and respond to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are so grateful for your continued support and we thank you all for faithfully upholding UCCF’s ministry, both financially and in prayer.

Financial summary

Our income in total has fallen below last year’s level due to a large fall in legacy income, however the effect of this fall has been partially offset by increased fundraising from our staff through their personal supporters. Despite lower income this year, through tight budget management around core costs we have been able to increase our expenditure on staffing in order to continue expanding our support for CUs in some of the smaller universities and colleges, and also to grow our Leadership Network programme.

Our overall income

Our overall spending

As a limited company and registered charity, our accounts are independently audited and submitted to Companies House annually and we also report to the Charity Commission, an independent body that regulates activities of charities in the UK. These figures are a snapshot of our finances, to obtain a copy of our full audited accounts for 2016–17, please contact the UCCF office.

Looking ahead

We want to equip Christian students to be as effective as possible at engaging their fellow students with the gospel.

Over the coming year we will be seeking to create one or two new Staff Worker posts in key places. To do this, we will need additional income so we can grow our financial support for these posts, while not diminishing support for existing ministry.

Could you prayerfully consider an additional one-off gift to support UCCF’s general ministry at the start of this academic year, in light of these plans for growth?